Chapter 1. Introduction

This tutorial gives an overview of many concepts used through KerMeta project creation. You can retrieve all the steps defined in the Manual Process to build a DSL on which you can iterate in order to progress in your development. Following this tutorial should give you the knowledge : to create a meta model, check its invariants, run configurations, add pre and post conditions and add behaviour on it. To cover all this features, we decided to start from an existing example. Because it is a complete KerMeta project, you should use it as a reference guide. This example is about the finite state machine which acronym is FSM. Firstly, a section explains how to load files of the example in your Eclipse workspace. The next section is dedicated to the finite state machine we want to model. You will have access to every files. Then we present the features presented above. Moreover, we present here examples of graphical editors but this step comes only when the metamodel is stabilized. In this tutorial we will have access to the base project in order to follow it (cf section Install FSM project) . You can have also have access of the solution of this tutorial ( cf section Install the tutorial 's solution )