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Documentations about KerMeta. Most of these documents are available in various formats here and as Eclipse help directly into your eclipse environment.
Documentation User documentation
Documentation for Kermeta users (including the reference manual)
Documentation Developer documentations
Some documents for people developping Kermeta or trying to integrate Kermeta with something else.
Documentation FAQ
Frequently asked questions
Documentation Articles and Papers
Kermeta has been used to write several papers (about Kermeta or how to use Kermeta). This list is maintained manually (in order to make sure that hte pdf is accessible), so, if you know a paper to be refered here, please contact us (with the user mailing list).
Documentation Tutorials and courses
This section hold the tutorials for kermeta. It also gather the lessons written with Kermeta.
Documentation Kermeta language Memento
Short guide of some of the most common concepts and syntax elements of Kermeta language