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Eveline Chantal Kabore (2008)

Contribution à l'automatisation d’un processus de construction d’abstractions de communication par transformations successives de modèles

Phd thesis, Université Rennes 1.

In this thesis, we show how an ordered sequence of model transformations can be used to describe and automate a product design process. This approach is decomposed into three steps. The first step involves describing the product, the target solution and the set of ordered design alternatives that will be used to implement the solution. These descriptions are translated into well defined metamodels in the second step. Each metamodel provides a set of model validation features. The third step specifies a life cycle that respect the separation and the order of the design alternatives. In this life cycle, we use a specific transformation to implement each design alternative according to its order in the product design process. The definition of the transformations supports the control of the design process and provides a set of model validation features as metamodels. We illustrate our approach with the example of distributed communication software that implement various data placement and distribution algorithms. The formalization of the component design process allows the derivation of different implementation strategies from the model of a component and shows how design variants can be reused to build other components. Transformations are implemented, tested and executed with the Kermeta platform.