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Articles and Papers

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Kermeta has been used to write several papers (about Kermeta or how to use Kermeta). This list is maintained manually (in order to make sure that hte pdf is accessible), so, if you know a paper to be refered here, please contact us (with the user mailing list).
Articles and Papers Search results on Google scholar
All references found by google scholar about Kermeta
Articles and Papers Papers about Kermeta
List of papers, articles and thesis with a significant section explaining what is Kermeta (or one of its functionnality)
Articles and Papers Using Kermeta
Papers and articles that present a use of Kermeta.
Articles and Papers Citations
Papers and articles that cites Kermeta. This list is maintained manually on a very irregular frequency, please help us to populate it with papers by informing us about existing papers ...