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Tutorials and courses

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This section hold the tutorials for kermeta. It also gather the lessons written with Kermeta.
Tutorials and courses Task Oriented tutorials
This serie of tutorials presents the details of some specific activities while using Kermeta action language or Kermeta workbench V2.
Tutorials and courses Using Kermeta 2 for building DSL
This serie of tutorials presents how to build Domain Specific Languages and their tooling. Even if they emphasis on the use of Kermeta 2, they detail the various steps including some that aren't Kermeta specific and may use thirdparty tools. (migration work in progress, meanwhile, please look to the V1 versions of these tutorials)
Tutorials and courses Tutorials for Kermeta V1
Tutorials written for Kermeta V1. The philosophy is the same between V1 and V2 and most of them can be reused from one version to the other. However, the reader may need to do some adaptation by himself. Some of these tutorials have been (or are in the process of being) rewritten for Kermeta 2.