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Details of features in the workbench

Kermeta development environment currently contains the following features:

  • a compiler that allows to run your metamodel and deploy your program in a pure java or OSGI/eclipse environment.
  • a texteditor with syntax higlighting, code autocompletion
  • a graphical editor (deprecated in V2)
  • an outline view, which allows to navigate through the whole model and metamodel. (under rewritting in V2)
  • various import/export transformations. Including ecore2kermeta (kermeta text), kermat2ecore, kermeta2xmi (xmi version of your kermeta metamodel), xmi2kermeta, xmi2ecore.
  • OCL textual syntax support

Features under development

  • support of more languages as input of kermeta program such as QVT, OCL
  • a "Kermeta doc" view (existed in V1, need to be rewritten for V2)