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This list is maintained manually on a very irregular frequency, please help us to populate it with papers by informing us about existing papers ...

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J Kienzle, A Wisam, and J Klein (2009).
Aspect-oriented multi-view modeling
In: AOSD '09: Proceedings of the 8th ACM international conference on Aspect-oriented software development. ACM, New York, NY, USA,, pages 87–98.


J Dubus (2008).
Une démarche orientée modèle pour le déploiement de systèmes en environnements ouverts distribués
Phd thesis, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille.

M Monperrus, J Jézéquel, J Champeau, and B Hoeltzener (2008).
Model-driven Engineering Metrics for Real Time Systems
In: 4th European Congress ERTS Embedded Real-Time Software, Toulouse, France.

B Morin, O Barais, and J Jézéquel (2008).
Weaving Aspect Configurations for Managing System Variability
In: 2nd International Workshop on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems, Essen, Germany.

B Morin, O Barais, and J Jézéquel (2008).
K@RT: An Aspect-Oriented and Model-Oriented Framework for Dynamic Software Product Lines
In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Models@Runtime, at MoDELS'08, Toulouse, France.

G Perrouin, J Klein, N Guelfi, and J Jézéquel (2008).
Reconciling Automation and Flexibility in Product Derivation
In: 12th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC 2008), Limerick, Ireland.


E Brottier, B Baudry, Y Le Traon, D Touzet, and B Nicolas (2007).
Producing a Global Requirement Model from Multiple Requirement Specifications
In: EDOC'07 (Entreprise Distributed Object Computing Conference), Annapolis, MD, USA.

F Fleurey, B Baudry, P Muller, and Y Le Traon (2007).
Towards Dependable Model Transformations: Qualifying Input Test Data
Journal of Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM).

J Klein, F Fleurey, and JM Jézéquel (2007).
Weaving Multiple Aspects in Sequence Diagrams
Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (TAOSD) LNCS 4620:167-199.

B Morin, O Barais, J Jézéquel, and R Ramos (2007).
Towards a Generic Aspect-Oriented Modeling Framework
In: Models and Aspects workshop, at ECOOP 2007.

S Saudrais (2007).
Qualité de service temporelle pour composants logiciels
Phd thesis, Université de Rennes 1.

S Saudrais, O Barais, L Duchien, and N Plouzeau (2007).
From formal specifications to QoS monitors
Journal of Object Technology, Special Issue on Advances in Quality of Service Management 6(11):7–24.


A Jackson, J Klein, B Baudry, and S Clarke (2006).
Testing Executable Themes
In: In Second Workshop on Models and Aspects, Handling Crosscutting Concerns in MDSD at ECOOP 06, Nantes, France.

A Jackson, J Klein, B Baudry, and S Clarke (2006).
KerTheme: Testing Aspect Oriented Models
In: ECMDA workshop on Integration of Model Driven Development and Model Driven Testing., Bilbao, Spain.

J Mottu, B Baudry, and Y Le Traon (2006).
Mutation Analysis Testing for Model Transformations
In: proceedings of the European Conference on Model Driven Architecture (ECMDA 06), Bilbao, Spain.


F Chauvel, and J Jézéquel (2005).
Code Generation from UML Models with Semantic Variation Points
In: Proceedings of MODELS/UML'2005, edited by L. Briand, S. Kent. Springer, Montego Bay, Jamaica, pages –.