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Frequently asked questions
FAQ Metamodel creation checklist
You are creating a metamodel and have troubles ? This short checklist may help you.
FAQ How can I contribute to Kermeta?
FAQ What distinguishes a metamodelling language like Kermeta from a general purpose programming language like Java or a modelling language like UML?
FAQ Why Kermeta doesn't have constructors ?
FAQ How to launch a Kermeta program from Java
FAQ What difference is there between an usual Eclipse project and a Kermeta project ?
Explanation on the difference between an usual Eclipse project and a Kermeta project.
FAQ Can I mix the Java/plugin nature and the kermeta nature ?
Can I mix the Java nature and the kermeta nature ?
FAQ How to describe concurrent behaviors in KerMeta ?
KerMeta supports any execution behavior (sequential or concurrent for example). So, as an example how can we run two FSM at the same time using Kermeta ?
FAQ I got errors while translating an ecore to kermeta
FAQ I got an exception, what does it mean ? How do I fix my program ?
This section gather the typical exception messages, the explainations and some tips to fix your kermeta program.
FAQ Optimization tips of kermeta code
FAQ FAQ for Kermeta V1
FAQ Compilation failed on a scala compilation error